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The Municipality of Thermo and the Society of Friends of the Museum and Archaeological Site Thermo welcome you to the Classical Singing Workshop with Zachos Terzakis .

Zachos Terzakis is an internationally acclaimed tenor and opera stage director, with more than 2,000 performances to his credit. Among others he has performed in the State Opera of Berlin, Hamburg State Opera, Zurich Opera, Vienna State Opera, Bavarian State Opera - Munich, Teatro dell’ Opera Roma etc. He is currently a professor of classical singing and operatic acting at the American College DEREE, the Conservatory & Arts Centre Acropolis, as well as at the Conservatories Meizon and Panarmonio in Athens. At the workshop he will share with the attendees his valuable experience of 40 years international career

During the individual lessons as well as in the final concert, the participants will be accompanied on piano by pianist Amalia Sagona who holds a Doctorate Degree in Music from Ohio State University, USA.

Zachos Terzakis                                       Amalia Sagona

All courses of the Workshop will be held from 11 to 16 September 2015 in town of Thermo of Aetolia (western Greece, between Agrinio and Nafpaktos, 3 hours from Athens by car). The area is of unique natural beauty, situated near the lake Trichonis, an symbol of ancient Greece: Thermo was the seat of the Aetolian League, the first form of federal democracy in the world. Visitors are encouraged to discover the hidden treasures of history, tradition, and outstanding natural beauty of the area.

Active participants will have the opportunity to perform with Zachos Terzakis at the final concert, which will be held in the Municipial Hall of Thermo at the end of the Workshop. A certificate of participation will be awarded to all participants.

The workshop is held at an international Master Class level with a focus on Mozart interpretation and Belcanto phrasing. Active participation is invited from professional singers and advanced conservatory students. The workshop may also be attended as a listener by anyone interested.

The registration fee for all courses and all days is the symbolic price of
  • 50 Euro for active participation. or
  • 20 Euro only to attebd the lessons.

Participants are kindly requested to inform us about the arias and songs they are planning on performing.
Recording the workshop on video / audio devices is allowed and encouraged in order to enable participants to get maximum value from their lessons.

Materials Required

  • Artistic biography
  • Certificate of Studies in Classical singing
  • 1 video or audio file from Opera, Operetta or Lied

Contact:     Tel: +30- 6945 075 471

Accommodation is available in the newly built hotel "Thermios Apollo" with panoramic views of the picturesque town of Thermo, with restaurant and rooms fully equipped with all modern amenities, at a reduced price for participants of the workshop:
  • 20 Euro per day sharing a double room with breakfast.
  • 30 Euro per day sharing a double room with breakfast and one meal.

Voice genre:
Selection of arias and Lieder for study:

Link of an audio or video of an aria



I prefer my accommodation : 
sharing a double room with breakfast (20 Euro per day)
sharing a double room with breakfast and 1 meal (30 Euro per day)


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